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URF vibration facial slimming dark circle removal eye massager,K55
URF dark circle removal eye massager using dual-core precessor and far fred ray to promote blood circulation, special serum effective against wrinkle and RF streghten ability

      E x a c t l y      E f f e c t      F e e d b a c k

T e c h n i q u e .

Using the most advantage adaptive Radio Frequency focus energy, plus far infrared and ultrasonic vibrasion agaist wrinkle appearance.Effective cosmetics could deliver to deeper skin via vibrasion and RF working to offer collagen supplement to reach lightening and wrinkle remove

w o r k i n g      p  r i n c i p l e.

Radio Frequency could pass through skin epidermis and reach dermis, heating could promotes water molecule under SMAS layer produce waveform resonance to keeep collagen soon regeneration and build up new network to reach wrinkle remove effect. Impedance system in each human body different also cause differnet effect and stay time. URF eyes massager with intelligent impedance adjust system ensures all energy skin absorb is same to strengthen result.

 A p p  l  i a  n c e . 

anti-aging for eyes

Eye around skin relax, darknesss remove, 

wrinkle remove, skin tighten.

lifting on facial

Facial lifting and skin lighting

the body plasticity

Part of body slimming and tightening,

 such as arms, abdomen and legs firming.

Advantage . 



 - Intelligent skin reconization.Even do not turn off machine, only touch skin with energy output.

 Impedance system

  - Intelligent adjust impedance on human body provide soon effective, do not need negative electrode sheet as other RF machine

 Bipolar 4 MHz frenquency

 - All RF machine in the machine use single-stage 1 MHz frequncy except this item

Original skincare cosmetics 

- Specail design for eyecare machine use effective on dark circle and wrinkle remove, one piece for 2 clients use.

O p e r a t i o n . 



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 Offer one year warranty, if recieve not in good condition could replace within one week. Do not accept return. 
Logo and package could be changed and add clients logo according to quantity.

Model Number:

Daily skin care

URF eye massager

22 * 22 * 7cm

Giftbox size: 
38 * 31.5 * 15cm

RF energy:
max 8 level

max 6 level

Treatment circle

Recommend one month as a full treatment circle, fresh people never do RF machine treatment could make it twice each week, each time 8-10 mintues on eyes ok.Face lifting about 20-25 mintues. After one month could do it one time each week.