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Personal use portable acne and pitmeng treatment blackhead removal pen, K35
Personal acne treatment pen using vacuum to suct pores dirty out to keep skin clean then dirty won't block pores, daily nutriment also can delivery to skin. Through skin clean way to remove acne and pigment.



Personal use portable acne and pitmeng treatment blackhead removal pen, K35



Our skin surface cover with oil and keratinocytes, mix with air pollution ( mostly is pm2.5 ) will block pores can't be remove by daily washing. So most skincare products actually just on surface then connect with air then set up bad circulation but not real work for skin dermis even skin epidermis.

Dirty long term stay on pores can't be removed easy to cause pores block, that's pores swell, following situation being serious become acne and blackhead. That's the reason why so many people adjust diet habit and body circulation but change nothing. Also need to keep skin clean plus correct food supplement could reach acne remove effect.

Acne removal pen using vacuum to suct pores dirty out without pressue, so there is not burdan to blood vessel and skin tissue, better before using the acne removal pen using hot tower cover face for two minutes keep blackhead and dirty "soft " then easy to be clean.



    Treat head

Offer 3 different level head for regular pigment and acne skin, there are another 3 matte head for serious acne and blackhead skin treatment, easy to be replace head. After easy time using should clean the head and keep it dry. 





       Treatment effect 


Large pores 1-2 times the effect of 90%
Closed acne 2 times the effect of 100%
Rough skin 1-2 times the effect of 100%
Seborrheic dermatitis 3-5 times the effect of 100%
The effect of fiber lumps 2-3 times 100%
Nasolabial folds wrinkles on one's forehead as appropriate,effect of 80%-100%
Age spots,as the case raised the effect of 80%-100%
Firming lift 1-10 times the effect of 80%-100%
Pock scars 3-5 times and the effect of 90%



Offer one year warranty, we charge for quality problem within one month.Provide machine operation video.






Mostly for cosmetic distributors use, as project selling with acne treatmentt products or as gift, support personal use and small beauty salon use. Wholesale and retail all available. Less than 10pcs offer by DAP cost, bulk order offer factory cost. During inquiry please index quantity needed


 Small,lightweight,easy to carry
 3 different degree of thickness of diamond tips
 Double filtration device,easy to clean,prevent the obstruction into the interior of the machine effectively
 d different size vacuum treatment head.
 No excitability,no stabbing pain,no need to anesthetize.
 By physical micro dermabrasion,easliy controlled,no side effect,safety
 Non-invasive treatment,no excitability ,no pain
 The effect is significant