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Noninvasive jet punch no needle vital injector machine, K53
Jet vital injector come without needle, through high delivery beauty nutriment to deeper skin layer directly, without needle hurt so more acceptable for regular customers.

Noninvasive jet punch 

no needle vital injector machine

Jet injector using high pressue pulverization technique to delivery cold beauty nutriment to deeper skin layer. Beauty nutriment being micromolecule easy to absorb by skin dermis, colder temperature than skin promote pores refining after treatment.Vital injector is the most effective way to  deliver expensive beauty nutriment to skin dermis even SMAS layer, however many customers afraid of traditional needle insert, so no needle injection as solution popular use in beauty area.



Needle vital injector need to work with very perfect vacuum technique to save beauty dose waste, on the other hand with needle and filter consumables, for long term use it is a very big cost.Many beauty salon and customers prefer to use more safety ways to reach beauty. Jet injector using pressue to "push" beauty dose into skin dermis replace needle insert. Beauty nutriment also very easy  to absorbed by collagen and effective work on beauty treatment.Besides, no needle working leave without steps on face, once finish treatment can back to normal life, during weekend or after one time job cacn choise this way as daily skin care.


Treatment course

In regular one time treatment effect stay 7-15 days, 20-30 days can accept one time treatment.Cause it is work by physics principle without side effect to skin, can accept treatment regularly.



   Machine offer details operation video and guidance. One year warranty, we charge for quality problem within one month.


  Item No.: K53

  Comsumables: none

  Package Size: 53 x 44 x 26 cm


  Package: aluminum carton

  Voltage: 110-240V, 50/60Hz



 Technique reference

 Deep: 0.2MM-5MM can be adjusted

 Pressure: 5KG/CM2-10KG/CM2 can be adjusted 

 Model: Intermittent and Continuous

 Frequency: 0.5s-9.5s can be adjusted

 Power: 500W

 Dosage: 6μl -24μl can be adjusted

 Capacity: 2.5ml  ( 2500μl )

 Warranty & services

 Machine offer one year warranty, we charge for quality problem within one month.Offer video operation guidance  and user manual