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TDA aesthetic serum skincare cosmetics for microneedling use, K79
TDA aesthetic serum skincare cosmetics for microneedling use, nano needless mesogun use and some ccosmetics delivery machine.

Beauty salon whole set TDA hyaluronic acid and mask skincare cosmetics  K79

This whole set TDA hyaluronic aicd and mask skincare cosemtics set special 

for no needle mesogun gun and beauty salon use, 

one set for 6 clients full treatment about 

 Wrinkle Romove 丨 Face Lifting 丨 Whitening 丨  Moistuening 丨  Spot Remove

Collagen peptides and oligopeptides

  6 sets


  Hyaluronic acid mask



 5D sculpture lift mask


Repair gel


Peptides and oligopeptides is very expensive marine extracts import from Switzerland. It is the smallest material to build collagen, it is filled in one syringe and esist as silk.

Another syringe fill with hyaluronic acid, before treatment turn on the cartridge and mix two material together makes colalgen silk dissolve could be delivered by no needle mesogn gun.


After RF beauty machine or another beauty machine treatment, skin need huge number " liquid", regular mask the the market for whitening, wrinkle remove or other function could not offer enough moistening for skin rejuvenation.

Hyaluronic acid is one of material of skin cells, we use synthetic hyaluronic acid as mateiral plus very a little EGF as mask ingredient could soon calm skin down and enough moisture supplement after beauty care treatment. 


Main content of this mask is medical plaster, apply it as liftinig gesture clients feel comfortable and soon calm skin down, after 20 minutes treatment will see the lifting result. Sculpture mask before apply is some pieces of cloth with plaster powder, we will offer video guidance to to apply it. Only get it web and cover on face wait for 20 minutes will become a full mask. Even clients could sign their name on it as an index.


Repair gel could use for acne, skin sensity and after beauty surgery treatment, without unhealthy ingredient on it. Clients could take it back as daily use after book whole set treatment.


* Magic essence and peptides & oligopeptides silk mix together through syringe gate 

* Peptide oligopeptide with with HA and deliver to skin by RF injector 

 * Working with RF crystallilne once touch skin produce temperature range 40 – 60 ℃ could adjust tighten ability,
to promoting collagen rejuvenation and skin tighten

 * With the super repairing mask doing a skin calm and moisturizing .

 * Using 5D sculpture frame mask to improving skin outline

 * After 25 minutes

Implementation of standards: QB/T1857-2013

Health permit:GD-FDA (2014) 卫妆准字29-XK-3976号
Executiv standard: QB/T2660-2004
Producction linsence: GM20161741
Feature: Acne Treatment, Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle, Firming, Lightening, Moisturizer, Skin Revitalizer, Whitening
Giftbox size: 452 * 400 * 62 mm