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Vacuum liquid flow face cleaning micro dermabrasion K27
micro dermabrasion referred to as ion, the first unique non-invasive acne removal whiten system in the world.Using the world's most advanced ion brighten technology, through the instrument head of ion energy wave energy, automatic analysis of cell activity, the uniform intelligent search aging cells and dead cells, and its acceleration and metabolism, is 1000 times the natural removal of metabolism.

Ion clear skin beauty machine 

working principle

Through two technology

Micro bubbles swirl separation technology, water circulation technology, using ultra small bubbles formed by vacuum negative pressure vacuum circuit, the ultra small bubbles act directly on the skin, adsorption separation and hair follicles in various impurities, through a specially designed screw suction device, in the condition of safe, painless, in vortex of water cycle way, while away impurities, injection the serum, make the skin beautiful.


  Ion clear skin beauty machine 

Main efficacy

A:effective against mites, haze, clear skin allergy source, black blain, heavy metal。

B:Real alternative discharge makeup, wash face, anhydrous operation, no residue.

C:Remove aged cutin, against the endocrine disorders.

 Ion clear skin beauty machine 


—Automatic search cell aging and death.
—Sponge effect make skin thickness increased by 70%.
—Safety and health of one-stop automatic disinfection system.

 Ion clear skin beauty machine 

Application place

SPA club

Beauty center

Massage center etc






     Micro dermabrasionOne year warranty with CE certificate . Can visit our factory free traning.


     Weigth: 12KG

     Packing size: 68x46x41CM