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Double screen 3 in one hair removal machine K38
Double screen 3 in one function machine remove all kinds of tattoo, eyebrow tattoo.Lip line, moles,hair removal, tender skin, remove red blood silk,and ice RF skin treatment use to facial lifting,contractive pore,effectively remove the face, neck, eye fine wrinkles.

OPT treatment principle and range of ligh

OPT+laser+Black Doll



Tender skin, remove red blood silk principle

IPL technology and principle of the combination of RF technology provides two types of equipment: using IPL technology, use of hemoglobin and pigment group to light the principle of the selective absorption of pyrolysis, make the target tissue without damage to normal skin tissues, especially under the premise of skin tissue, make the target tissue necrosis to achieve therapeutic purposes.


In the treatment of skin spots, remove tiny red blood silk and beautiful white tender skin, by the technique of IPL and IPL and RF combination technology are safe, but in the treatment of deep on the spot and coarser bright red blood, IPL technology in guaranteeSecurity under the premise of little effect, and the IPL and combination of RF technology, safety in clinic shows more obvious.



Anti-wrinkle face-lifts, promote principle

Use IPL and combination of RF technology, the E light the heating effect of the use of electromagnetic wave and the IPL to provide stimulating the ideal temperature rise of the dermis, work on the whole dermis and connective tissue, stimulate collagen in different depth fiber, reducing the wrinkles, facial ascension as well as the effect of noninvasive face-lifts.


By mainly using radiofrequency current through subcutaneous 15 mm on the dermis and small influence on skin, the main energy on the target tissue, so security is very high.



The permanent hair removal principle 

OPT light hair removal is a kind of new effective hair removal techniques: filtered intense pulsed light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair and hair follicles and translated into heat energy, heat energy to make the hair shaft and follicle rapid heating up, when the temperatureDegree reaches 60 °C above lead to split hair damage, hair growth, hair follicle degeneration, dermal papilla cells die, eventually make original hair, new hair growth delay and change thin and pale, and even not growth.


On the basis of using the IPL technology, combination use of effect of depth of subcutaneous 15 mm of radio frequency energy, make direct effects on hair follicle melanocytes absorb more energy, so the small, light,even gold, white hair has a good effect.

Instrument advantage:

.Short time: treatment need only 20 to 30 minutes at a time.
.Noninvasive: for the skin tissue without any trauma.
.Treatment of the painless: without anesthesia, only mild thermal.
.No follow-up care: do not need special postoperative nursing, postoperative can make up immediately.
.Effect of stability: more than ten times the effect equivalent to other methods.

.Security: OPT optical system is high-tech optical medicine and the combination of the biological engineering technology, has changed the previous wrinkles and the way of tender skin, deep anti wrinkle, high safety coefficient, won't produce pigmentation.





.Light allergic constitution
.Patients with cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator are installed in the body.
.Treatment of patients with damaged skin
.Pregnant women, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy patients.
.Skin cancer patients.
.The recent exposure in the sun too fragile skin.


     One year warranty with CE certificate . Can visit our factory free traning.



     Filter:  480nm,530nm,640nm

     Operating screen:   8.0 -inch true color touch screen
     The first pulse width:  1-20ms
     The number of pulses:  1-6
     Pulse interval:  1-40ms
     Frequency:  1,2,3.4.5
     IPL energy:  0-50J/cm2
     Spot size:  12mm*30mm
     Power:  1800W
     Cooling system:   semiconductor refrigeration, closed circulation forced cooling, wind cold heat exchange.
     Refrigeration:  lever 5
     The input power:  220V,10A,50Hz