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RF and LED photon needless vital injector crystalline no needle mesogun, K34
RF 3 in 1 mesogun no needle injector machine was combinate RF and microcrystalline injection .In order to skin care completely, while the skincare product water injector skin dermis, opening the stratum corneum was received completely. Through RF pull tightening skin, reached shrink pores, enhance skin metabolism, eliminate toxins, for freckles, dark circles , Acne was a good effect.

RF and  LED photon needless vital injector crystalline no needle mesogun  K34

RF 3 in 1 mesogun no needle injector with the Israeli 4 trillion dual-core RF module technology. RF needle is separable and completely insulated, combined with the probe on both sides of the RF transmitter module, can continue to give the crystal to the RF energy output, In the fast touch the skin when the energy appears sometimes uncomfortable feeling, this is the advantage of bipolar module. RF energy in the skin surface to produce 40-60 ℃ temperature, and can be adjusted to tighten, promote subcutaneous tissue collagen regeneration and produce nutrients, so that the skin Tightening, medical become a multi-point focus radiofrequency hyperthermia.


RF Microcrystalline Needle Features

One-time sensor needle near the sensor area, unlock success. The needle should be preheating preparation. 

The catheter transfer fluid can be changed as the machine regulation change. The essence liquid was reaching the needle.

 Through the microcrystalline dense, trigger the radio frequency. Achieving deep care of the skin, opening the pores completely.

The radio frequency pull product into the skin, repair damaged cells to stimulate the regeneration of collagen to complete the lock water moisturizing;

radioactive air plastic gun is both convenient and natural and safe technology, is the most superior and significant effect of the maintenance of skin means,

because these make no needle light, in the world of beauty areas of attention;Radio heat, water elasticity luster, painless noninvasive.

Eliminate wrinkles, deep replenishment, fine pores, brighten the skin color.Dilute the bags under the eyes, acne anti-inflammatory, shrink pores.