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PLEXR eyelid and spot removal plasma pen , K29
3rd generation plasma pen using square wave to replace traditional sine wave to get more smoother output to 5V from 8V, freqeuncy raise to 68KHz to get more "soft" plasma pen fire but with strong treatment power. At the same time could reduce clients paint and recover time.
IPL portable version forever hair removal machine, K36
OPT hair removal machine combining HR and SR two heads treatment, after hair remove treatment also effective work on skin rejuvenation
Nano meter electronic micro needle derma pen , K23
Daily skincare cosmetics only stay on surface can't each skin dermis even most skin problem appear here, micro needle help for beauty nutriment get into skin dermis
Personal use portable acne and pitmeng treatment blackhead removal pen, K35
Personal acne treatment pen using vacuum to suct pores dirty out to keep skin clean then dirty won't block pores, daily nutriment also can delivery to skin. Through skin clean way to remove acne and pigment.
IPL and OPT hair remover K18
OPT hair remover using the principle of selective absorption to light, basic on the absorption of intense pulsed light to the hair shaft and follicle (which contains melanin cells), produce heat to the hair follicle, once hair follicle temperature rise rapidly, hair follicle necrosis to achieve permanent dispel the effect of hair.
Double screen 3 in one hair removal machine K38
Double screen 3 in one function machine remove all kinds of tattoo, eyebrow tattoo.Lip line, moles,hair removal, tender skin, remove red blood silk,and ice RF skin treatment use to facial lifting,contractive pore,effectively remove the face, neck, eye fine wrinkles.